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We invite you to join us in building houses that embody our core values of environmental stewardship and well-being. With 100% natural materials, technologies, and sustainable construction methods, we offer you the opportunity to create your dream home while minimising your environmental impact. Together, let us craft homes that leave a lasting legacy for future generations, celebrating natural living, circularity, and interconnectedness.

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Welcome to Pendulum Homes, where our modular geometrically designed buildings stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and circularity.

Our homes are crafted using time-honoured wood harvesting methods, ensuring they endure for generations while radiating a comforting and soothing ambiance that nurtures well-being. By seamlessly integrating Feng Shui principles into our living spaces, we foster harmonious environments characterized by unobstructed energy flow, abundant natural light, and a balance of elements.

This thoughtful design and purposeful integration promote physical, emotional, and mental harmony, transforming our homes into sanctuaries that enrich your life experience. Embrace a transformative living environment that not only celebrates tradition but also honors the environment, supporting a connected way of life at Pendulum Homes.


How a Pendulum home empowers:

Embrace tranquility:

A well-balanced living environment maximise natural light and fosters a sense of relaxation, as the harmonious energy flow and thoughtful layout contribute to improved sleep quality, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

Indoor climate

Thanks to no chemical products, all walls breath naturally. Providing natural air flow whilst also having a tremendous heat storing capacity. Allowing for energy neutral and positive buildings.

Learning through experiences 

The experience of living within a pendulum house goes beyond its walls. As the collectively involvement teaches depth and appreciation for what surrounds us. Providing answers to: What is healthy? How do I care for myself? and many more profound life questions.

Foundation for growth

Each building is a natural safe heaven, being earthquake and fire proof, whilst also absorbing radiation and sound, it is a place to relax and live. 

Self sufficient environment

By being as pure as possible and nourishing all surrounding life with naturally cleansed water. All life can flourish, from the inhabitants to the cultivated vegetables, herbs, fish and wildlife, all wil prosper in health.

More depth:

Living healthy with the power of the Trees.

How we build.



 More about responsible wood usage and true cradle to cradle construction in this documentary.

Open Modular building

The family home that you see here is called "Balance" and is all about living with what surrounds us. Fundamentally, the shape is designed to create living space within it, to balance and nourish multiple individual energies. Its surface ranges from 45 to 450 square meters.

Demonstrated here is a layout of Balance over 3 and a half floors, with a 12 meter diameter. 
This example features an underground fridge, cinemaroom, 3 full sized bathrooms, a bar, a relaxing area, an open kitchen and 2 bedrooms.

Circular society

Image by Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE
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The platonic solid of water, is made up out of 20 equilateral triangles.
Depending on the amount of parts, its interior surface ranges from 30 square meters to 250 square meters.

The Water house

​Finding home within oneself.

Fancy diving deeper into being?

Water is the element that comes from the west.
Water is the air-bend flow within us that moves in harmony with lunar cycles. 

Water is the liquid of love,

that flows from the veins of earth,

into our veins of life. 

Water is like the blood that connects all life,

as it flows through us all. 

Water is the universal solvent that connects all of us,

flows all through us,

dissolves all of us,

all into one. 

Image by Cole Freeman

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