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'Step out of the ordinary'

At Pendulum, our dedication to exponential growth fuels holistic projects that encompass the journey of all participants. Our approach fosters a wide range of experiences, from promoting physical and mental well-being to imparting valuable life lessons. Inspired by both historical wisdom and our natural surroundings, we design structures built with circular and modular principles in mind. The result is a collection of flexible, eco-conscious living spaces engineered to endure for generations.

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House of the Land

In the Netherlands, a land of prosperity and growth, we proudly build regeneratieve structures.

Here, our homes are further developed and build by students, for an inspiring future of coexistence. Our projects are meticulously crafted to provide customers with a transformative life experience of building their dreamhome. This location places a strong emphasis on fostering awareness and creating meaningful, immersive experiences.

Doorway "Mouth of Qi"
wooden living room
Tiny house

The B - Hive

Our hives are designed to adapt seamlessly to the needs of any land development project, offering flexibility in size and capacity. Crafted with our modular build style, they are easily constructed and deconstructed thanks to their pre-built components.

Grounded in principles of circularity, every part is engineered to be versatile in its applications and to withstand the test of time.


MonBeau Coeur

Skills for life

Our inaugural French project represents a grand endeavour in landscape regeneration, showcasing expansive designs that harmonise with the picturesque French hillsides. We optimise the terrain through the implementation of terraces, regenerative farming, and food forests, fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Our approach prioritises water retention, channeling it from hilltops to valley rivers. By incorporating permaculture and K-line design for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation, we address the pressing concerns of droughts and pollution, harnessing the power of the natural water cycle. 

In aspiring to create an autonomous village, we actively engage in solutions and education to promote responsible coexistence with nature. This vibrant community serves as a haven for individuals seeking to temporarily step away from their routine lives and rediscover the fundamental elements of well-being and connection with the environment.

First illustration permaculture garden
Perma garden Monbeau 2023
Image by Rural Explorer
Gardening Lesson
Child Carrying Vegetables
Child Picking Fruit

Curious to feel what "quality of life" can be?

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Tel.: +33 (6) 58 44 18 46

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