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What we do:

At Pendulum we build with nature.
Following her laws that aim for perfection,

We build holistic habitats to inspire generations. 

Empowering inhabitants to grow beyond their known.

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Developing positive habits

Our "Sustainable dwellings" are an embracement of nature. Using only natural materials, their energies are calming to heart, mind, body and soul.


Collective dedication

"We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

We borrowed it from our descendants."

Our projects are  aimed to make our future holistic with lasting beneficial impact. Working with natural succession & plant symbiosis for healthy living spaces for all. 

Image by Pascal Debrunner

Lifelong changes

We live in a time of information and big headlines. Certain things are primordial to our reality and our existence as a species. We work for a collective goal: long term securities for everyone. 

We help with everything from planning and consulting to physical support.

Image by Curioso Photography

Recovering connection

In a positive sum game, the individual pieces create something bigger than the sum of their parts, resulting in everyone being better off.

This natural principle is called "Emergence" and

it is one of many marvellous naturally occuring phenomena. 

Sustainable Dwellings

An house as fuelstation for life-energie and health. Houses as feel good shelters are becoming more and more important. The Holz100 method welcomes the inhabitants in a clean and massif wood home, emitting the positively felt vibration of the forest all throughout each room. Chemical free buildings that invite into the magic of the trees, whilst being “wood high tech” of the highest shelf.

With medical studies on the positive influences of the living biology and studies on

energy efficiency, indoor-climate, heat, cold, radiation, sound, fire and earthquake protection

the unglued woodstructure of Thoma, Holz100, sets a new standard of ecological living.



Every project is build to become an oasis. Healthy forest-gardens with lakes, ponds and mighty trees.

Nourishing and supporting the local systems, nature, infrastructure and society.

Collaborating with gardeners, municipalities, schools, restaurants and hotels to let people feel the difference living connected to ones environment and cycles makes. Spreading knowledge and hope of a brighter tomorrow.

B-hive Nelson Mandela Park, Amsterdam
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Land integration


Cultivating success in everyone

At Pendulum, our vision transcends boundaries, aiming to galvanise a global movement that spearheads sweeping ecological solutions, seamlessly connecting the microcosm to the macrocosm.


We firmly believe in the intrinsic oneness of all existence.

Our mission at Pendulum is to illuminate the essentiality of our coexistence and the inevitable reliance on stable living environments and their finite resources.

We are dedicated to constructing hubs of education and collaboration that serve as beacons of knowledge and initiative, empowering us to tackle climate challenges at their core. Our foundation roots in understanding the intricacies of space and time, enabling us to harmonise with our surroundings in a positive sum game.

We take immense pride in our collaborations with those who share our commitment to instigating change. Together, we are forging a future defined by sustainable dwellings that enrich the depth of life's experiences. Our efforts are rooted in laying solid foundations for future generations to not merely survive but thrive upon, nurturing a legacy of prosperity and sustainability.

Follow our progress:

Only big updates, rest is on social media. 

"A little faith goes a long way", thank you!! 

Meandering wadis combine to form dense, branching networks across the stark, arid landscape of south

Collaboratively we realise localised projects:

Image by Markus Spiske


Marie Curie

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our own improvement."

Marie Curie


Reach out:

To build your dream home, developing land, invest into long term stability, or consulting for land restoration, we are here to create positive sum games.

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